Surprise Party

Our very first commercial campaign!! This was very exciting. We were briefed to come up with a campaign for Smint. They launched a new product called Smint Defensive, a cough drop candy. Together with Wouter we came up with the concept, and then planed, directed, shot and edited the films together with Luuk, Leenert and Bram! What a pleasure.

We’ve shot one main TVC where Ruby ruins the surprise moment through an accidental cough.  As well as a second film where a guest dramatically drops the birthday cake because he, you guessed it, had to cough.

The commercial also runs in Flemish and French for Frisk Belgium. The commercials can be found in many different formats on socials, adverts and TV.

“Keep your throat under control with the new Smint Defensive. A fresh sugar-free pastille that soothes your throat.”

Luuk Simonse,
Leendert-Jan de Ronde,

Wouter Oomen,
Erik Hamburger

Bram Koopman

Fleur Janssen


180 Amsterdam 

Happy puppies on set.

Huge thank you to Luuk and Leenert for the incredible guidance for our first commercial, we had so much to learn from you two!

 © 2023 Erik Hamburger 
Rotterdam, Netherlands