How far does your food travel?

Before landing on your plate, your food often travelled the world more than you have. This raises massive carbon foodprint problems. In supermarkets lower carbon foodprint products are available, but hard to identify. In fact, identifying where most foods come from is surprisingly difficult.

Pick up an international product from your shelf and identify where the ingredients are sourced. It’s almost impossible. When claiming your food comes from ‘Brazil’ or ‘Congo’ it is easy to hide the true origins allowing companies to be sloppy with workers rights, environmental sustainability and ecological protection.
These hidden stories behind your foodprint are cause for obvious concern. When you’re in the supermarket it is even more difficult to identify local and global products.

With this project I hope to find a solution to this problem. Ultimately, nudging consumers to make better choices.
Erik Hamburger

Student Work

What the website could look like: 

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