Currently there are 293 journalists imprisoned globally, 3 times more than in 2000. It became an invisible problem, because we can’t read what isn’t published.

We want to shed light on this problem by making this visible. We do this with a font family that erases one word related to every journalist sitting in prison. Every new imprisoned journalist is a new word that we erase.

A list of imprisoned journalists and their corresponding words can be found on our website. Through a poster campaign and social media posts we spread the message and reach a wide audience.

Finally, on World Press Freedom Day we launch a intervention in collaboration with news organisations who replace their font with ours. This visualises the direct attack on journalism and makes it clear what we lose, when journalists are erased.
D&AD New Blood

Google Fonts

Wouter Oomen &
Erik Hamburger

- D&AD New Blood Graphite Pencil
- ADCN Future Talent Bronze Lamp 




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