TheErased Font

Currently, there are more journalists imprisoned than ever before. Thats why, Free Press Unlimited introduced "The Erased". A font designed to make this censorship visible through the disruptive use of ligatures. 

For World Press Freedom Day, online news outlets around the globe used The Erased. Automatically erasing the words journalists got imprisoned for across their website and articles. 

The campaign to visulize censorship resulted in over 3,000,000 media impressions. Website traffic tripled, and the fight for free press received the attention it deserved. We made implementation easy for all by sharing the code on GitHub. The Erased font is now used in more and more languages, raising awareness for the fight to keep journalists' perspectives from being erased.

Check out the website here 

Note: Concept was orginally created by us for D&AD NewBlood, then we turned it into a real campaign.

Free Press Unlimited

The Team:
Creative:  Wouter Oomem,
Erik Hamburger & Jeena van der Heul.

Neeltje Prevo & Josephine Woltering.

- Bronze Media Innovation
-AIje first place/ Media Innovation
-Shortlist Public Interest Media

-Shortlist  Website News & Politics

D&AD New Blood: 
-Graphite Pencil

- Future Talent Bronze Lamp 


From the begining of our internship to junior creative this project has accompanied us since the begining - I imagine, this is as close of a feeling as watching your baby grow up. 

A special thanks also go out to our mentors ECD: Pol Honderbloom,
CD Reinier Demeijer, CD Marlon von Franquemont and CCO Kalle Hellzen. And ofcourse, our wonderfull clients over at FPU, they are the best.

 © 2023 Erik Hamburger 
Rotterdam, Netherlands