Creating recipes with leftovers 

Food waste, it's no uncommon problem. Everyone has been in the situation where they had food left in their fridge and decided to throw it away.

What a shame considering the internet has a recipe for almost anything.  To find a sollution to this issue, I created an AI that does this job for us. 

How could we reduce food waste?

Erik Hamburger

How does it work? The object detector scans the items you show to the camera, creates a list and then searches the internet for recipes

Programming and design

Step 1

Build a object detector,
For this I used:
Python, Github & Tensor Flow

Step 2

Transfer-learning/training the object detector to detect food.

Step 3

Connect the detected food to the google search engine which would search the detected food items & find fitting recipes accordingly.

Step 4

Test the program and discover many more fun bugs - repeat.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands